People First

At PGS, we know that the key to our success lies with our employees. Similar to how we look after our customers, we look after our people. Not only do we employ the best, but we invest in making them better. At PGS, we don’t just create jobs, we develop careers. To learn more about how we value our people, please visit our Employee Value Proposition page.


Creating a productive and healthy work environment is the catalyst to happy employees and in turn, delighted customers. We take the time to listen to our employees. We understand that balance between home and work life is essential to our employees’ happiness. With an open mind to new ideas, we have created a flexible work environment that allows us to achieve goals beyond what is expected by our customers.

Benefits of Working at PGS

We are committed to finding and retaining only the best employees. In order to keep our employees happy and our company successful, we offer a variety of benefits:

  • Competitive remuneration packages
  • Flexible career options which allow employees to capitalize on their competencies and build on their interests
  • A corporate culture of “company works for the employees” ensures that employees are treated with the utmost integrity and respect

Training and Development

At PGS, we focus on building careers. You can concentrate on personal growth while learning new skills and enhancing your existing competences.

  • Foundation skills training covering culture and business imperatives, training in customer services skills, language proficiency, managing difficult situations, teamwork, and problem solving
  • Functional skills training focusing on competencies needed within several roles such as leadership and management development
  • Technical skills training to strengthen specialized know-how and abilities required within a specific role or job; ongoing training can lead to designation as a subject matter expert and/or handling greater responsibilities with our clients


PGS is an equal opportunity employer that believes that a diverse set of employees creates a culture that better serves our clients both locally and globally. We pride ourselves in our ability to build a company while fostering an inclusive environment. We believe that a diverse culture is the key to collecting new ideas and contributions that can only make us better.

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