About PGS

Our customers recommend us.

Our employees trust us.

We deliver exceptional performance.

PGS is a client-led organization solely focused on providing global, customized Business Process Outsourcing solutions to businesses around the world. We provide a range of business process services and solutions for various industries. PGS operates in North America and Asia. At PGS, we are driven by our client’s needs. Our clients recognize the value by rewarding us with high client retention and reference rates. We achieve this by being passionate about attracting, inspiring and retaining the best people. We work hard to create a positive performance driven culture that is key not only to creating client value but to retaining the best talent. PGS is the right partner for companies who truly value their customers and want to provide the best possible client experience while leveraging a global delivery model.

PGS understands that emerging companies require end-to-end customer-interaction solutions that are customized for their specific business. Therefore, all PGS solutions integrate business specific processes, cloud technology and high quality voice and non-voice resources. Clients can choose to implement an enterprise point solution based on their current needs and comfort level with outsourcing. Most importantly, PGS client partners work with our customers from the beginning to customize the solution to their specific needs. Customers can tap our client partners throughout their relationship with PGS for a variety of needs such as improving quality, redesigning business processes and enhancing the customer experience.

What makes PGS unique is the way it engages with clients. We allow them to get started quickly and offer unique flexibility while virtually eliminating any business risk.

  • Minimal Financial Risk – No upfront investment, no transition costs, all costs are variable
  • Speed & Flexibility – Get started quickly, scale up and down as needed
  • Customized Delivery Model – Delivery models that are unique to each client based on their mix of domestic and/or international resources, technology platform utilization and blend of in-house vs. outsourced workforce

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