Our People

Core to our company’s vision is that our people trust us. We understand that the heart of PGS is the people who work here. There is a reason why People First is our most important core value. We know that if our people are taken care of, client service and delivery performance will excel. This fundamental belief has created a principle led culture that is contagious not only across PGS employees, but across our customers as well.

We maintain a high standard in our workforce, searching across the world for employees who embody the PGS values of integrity, hard work, loyalty, and kindness. Our employees are well trained and highly regarded by our clients. Our high retention rate is a direct result of a great corporate culture and dedication to our employees.

The PGS workforce is known for being friendly and polite. We know that our clients work hard to attract customers, and we work equally hard to make sure that we always represent our clients well with friendly voices and a positive, professional attitude.

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