Most companies are usually started by a group of people with a great idea - a product or service they can provide better or cheaper or faster than their competition. But great ideas aren't enough. To grow, companies have to master the sales, support, and back office processes that make profitable growth possible. And these processes and the software to support them often require a high level of investment in time and money, which can distract from the company’s core business.

PGS’s offerings are designed to help businesses by providing a suite of hosted services that are quick to access, easy to use, and customized to provide immediate solutions to growing companies that need to expand their business functions. In addition, PGS offers business improvement services to help companies improve their processes through technology enhancements, business process redesign and improved quality.

For those looking to quickly expand their team, PGS is a proven partner ready for a new challenge. A college education is only the beginning for all PGS employees. Training, coaching and other opportunities allow our agents to continue to expand their skill set and ensure that our clients receive the highest quality service. Our workforce is known for being friendly and polite. We know that our clients work hard to attract customers, and we work equally hard to make sure that we always represent our clients well with friendly voices and a positive and professional attitude.

Many PGS clients want to implement the recommended process improvements with their own personnel, and the PGS service offerings makes that easy. Using PGS cloud-based applications, companies can take advantage of its voice services, analytics engine, workforce management, dashboard and reporting systems while relying on their own internal teams. This approach allows companies to gradually implement change and make quick adjustments as their business evolves, without incurring capital and software investments. As their business grows, PGS offers agents to supplement internal teams, fitting seamlessly into the existing processes and reporting metrics by using shared services.

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