Business Analytics

Outperformance involves understanding your customers better than the competition. Companies that leverage analytics have the advantage of being able to meet their customers’ exact needs and preferences. Analytics is a powerful tool to aligning customer and business goals.

Analytics is more than data mining – it seeks triggers that lead to repeatable performance and better results whether those triggers be events, actions or personal attributes. PGS Analytics allows agents to have that information at their fingertips, allowing them to service and sell to customers more effectively.

PGS Analytics allows you to collect and interpret data in real time – producing actions that enable PGS to plan and predict outcomes. PGS Analytics helps clients gain a competitive edge by harnessing the power of information to provide business insights and direction. This allows our clients to:

  • Measure and improve quality and productivity
  • Identify trends of customer responses and respond in real-time
  • Modify agent scripts in real-time
  • Run what-if analysis and build predictive models
  • Improve investment decisions on resource and fund allocation
  • Improve compliance and security of sensitive information

The results include First Call Resolution, Sales per Hour and reduced Average Handle Time.

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