Business Improvement Services

PGS understands that companies today are not outsourcing just for low cost labor. They are looking for partners that can help them continuously improve productivity and quality. Many BPO companies focus only on labor costs and touch lightly on process. PGS believes that to truly attain quality while keeping costs down, businesses need to focus on their processes and the role of technology in those processes.

PGS client partners drive process improvement by first understanding the company's business goals, and then looking at how those goals can be accomplished through:

  • technology enhancements
  • business process redesign and
  • improving quality while increasing sales.

At PGS, our customized approach uniquely positions us to consult with companies on business process from a holistic point of view. Our client partners are armed with knowledge both on process redesign and workforce management. Just as important, they work hand-in-hand with our IT consultants to ensure that delivery recommendations improve processes from all angles whether they focus on people, technology or process. And we not only are able to recommend improvements, but also can implement these recommendations through our services and experienced agents. Our goal is to help businesses derive more value from their outsourcing relationship.

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