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The PGS Contact Center is a complete contact center solution - a process that normally requires purchasing and integrating many different hardware and software packages. It is ideal for a company that wants to take advantage of a state-of-the-art, feature-rich contact center, but doesn't want to make the significant investment in services and software normally required.

Clients can start with the Contact Center platform and use their own staff, and then choose to add PGS’s workforce on an as needed basis. PGS variable pricing model makes this a low risk decision as companies pay only for the resources they need, when they need them, without long-term commitments.

The following is a partial list of features included in the service:


A complete PBX and IVR systems is included in the contact center platform. Because the platform is cloud based, agents can call in from any location and PGS agents can work seamlessly with in-house agents. Voice recognition and traditional touch-tone input are supported, and calls can be routed based on agent skill sets, caller ID, IVR responses and time of day.

Predictive Dialer

For outbound campaigns, the contact center platform contains a predictive dialer that is fully compliant with all federal and state regulations pertaining to outbound dialing. Compliance for abandonment rates limits, no rebuttal rules, required disclosures, federal and state holidays and permissible calling periods are built in.

The use of a centralized dialer allows agents working in multiple call centers or from home to call on the same list simultaneously. The advanced call progress analysis improves productivity. In particular, intelligent speech analysis allows for excellent answering machine detection, far better than traditional cadence methods.

Enhanced Recording

PGS' contact center platform includes enhanced voice and screen recording, and retrieval solutions through a web browser. This provides powerful insights into agents' abilities, thus reducing call backs and driving customers to self-help systems. These recordings, in conjunction with voice analytics, can be used for training and coaching purposes, and for script changes and service improvements.

Web Chat

The Web Chat feature of the PGS contact center platform provides queuing and routing for instant messaging to intelligently link users visiting a web site with agents in a contact center. Typical applications include handling general questions, customer service and sales support. Scripts for the agents to follow during the chat sessions are provided through the Web Navigator feature of the platform, allowing Web Chat agents and voice agents to follow the same script.

Web Navigator

Web Navigator provides an intelligently scripted call that ensures the caller will receive the information they want and the services they request in an accurate and concise manner, and that your agents will operate as efficiently as possible.

Web Navigator is shared for inbound calls from the PBX, outbound calls made using the predictive dialer and online conversation through Web Chat so that a single script can be shared across communication channels.

Web Navigator can also be used to create scripts to be posted on a web site for Internet self-service applications. The personalized, easy to navigate experience provided to the user allows for very complex interactions without subjecting the user to multitudes of questions that are not applicable to their situation while making sure that all required data is captured.

Agent Awareness Sidebar

The Agent Awareness system provides a portal for agents to remain aware of their performance on their phone calls, to stay informed of the status of the contact center, and to communicate with their supervisor. Agents are shown their real-time performance metrics relative to goals and the performance of their peer group or established key performance indicators.

The sidebar also provides a place for the agents to communicate internally via chat with their supervisors or tier two agents without interrupting the phone call. Supervisors can send out broadcast messages to their agents and have the messages display in the sidebar.

Contact Center Platform

The contact center platform includes a broad range of reporting options, from operational reporting, interactive end-user query/reporting, dashboards, production reporting and data integration.

Dashboards provide an easy to understand view of the system and call status. Interactive gauges allow users to drill down to greater levels of detail. Data can be displayed geographically using maps, utilize flash animations or use any of a large number of charts and gauges.

An ad-hoc visual report writer is provided to allow end users to produce their own report and/or modify canned reports. End users can also create their own dashboards using a dashboard maker. Power users and programmers can use iReport, a highly sophisticated tool for tackling the most complex reports and dashboards. Reports can combine data from multiple sources, both internal and external.


The contact center platform eHelp system provides agents access to the information they need to successfully conclude a call and is available for both inbound and outbound calls. The help system can include graphics, such as screen shots of applications for agent training, product pictures, images of direct mail and forms the callers may have been asked to fill out. Comprehensive navigation features allow agents to quickly find the information they need and the powerful natural language search feature allows agents to find information by asking questions in plain English.

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