Workforce Management

Workforce management is about driving better results through improving capabilities and optimizing capacity. Excellent workforce management can be a competitive advantage as you are able to optimize costs while ensuring you have the right skills in the right quantity when you need them. Ensuring that the right agent receives the right call, customers receive the best possible service and are more likely to use and recommend our clients products and services in the future.

The key challenge is matching capability and workforce strategy while balancing variabilities and the need for innovation. Our agents deliver high performance because they are fully prepared and supported. They trust us when we take them beyond their comfort zone because we have the appropriate systems and processes to support them.

Our platforms have functionality tailored to the specific agent’s level. As an agent performance progresses, we are able to tune the level of system prompts and provide further opportunities for agents to propose customized support for each specific client.

PGS offers a Workforce Management service that will help companies:

  • Forecast and predict how many agents will be needed at different times throughout the day, month and year
  • Schedule agents' times ensuring skill sets are accurately matched to clients' needs
  • Utilize all delivery assets efficiently
  • Utilize analytics to adjust schedules in real-time

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